Advice Corner


So I have decided to add an advice column to my blog. I think this is a great feature. I have always felt like people  tend to share their stories with me and ask for advice. I love to give advice. It’s always provided from my heart and its unbiased.

 I am here to empower and inspire you. Giving you the support you need when you may need an ear to listen. I am here for you. Not all the advice will be what you expect but it will be honest and intelligent. I am considered a therapist amongst my friends lol.  


If  there is a topic you need advice or personal guidance read below: You can contact me via email or DM on Twitter. You will remain anonymous if you wish. (I prefer it this way)


I can be contacted via my email:

With Subject Line: “Advice”

Or via my twitter page( be sure to follow):




4 thoughts on “Advice Corner

  1. Alberta

    I took time today to revisit your page again. Positive Vibe= Positive Life I love the fact what your sharing with people and doing what you believe in you go girl! Love Always, Berta


  2. Ora

    Good morning 😊 I must say I am so very proud of you and this ministry you have begun. It is great and many will be blessed. I agree with your philosophy; the important of starting the day off on a positive note certainly impacts the rest of your day. It is however by choice. I personally choose to command my morning with a conversation with God called prayer. Once I get in the presence of the lord I receive guidance and direction from Him. David said in Psalm 63:1 . . .early will I seek thee . . . Who knows the challenges we will face in a day, but God! We don’t even know. When we set ourselves to command our morning with peace, love, confidence and strength our countenance is radiant. Everyone you now meet is affected by your conscious decision to seek God and His direction for your life for each day. Mornings do matter, they set the pace for the day and ultimately for your life. Prayer is simply a talk with God. It is not the position of your body, walking, sitting, standing, kneeling, but rather the condition of the heart. As long as the heart is right you can just talk to him. Love and peace!


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