Meet Anna

 I am Anna Williams. 

I consider myself a creator, healer, and a super positive young woman. My love for poetry and healing others makes me unique. I’m a very talented writer and I use my poetry as an outlet to share inspirational journeys with the world. I would say my passion and purpose lands me in the depths of community and women. Aiming to make all women feel beautiful and worthy is a part of the journey. The beauty of it is, I do this by being my authentic self. Positivity for me is a lifestyle and this can be witnessed through all my social media channels. I do my best to ensure all my time is spent uplifting women and helping them to tap into their powers(strengths/weaknesses/vulnerable points). Community is unity. Servicing my community gives me the most positive feeling ever. Giving back and not giving up that’s my motto. Whether it’s helping the homeless or creating events for the youth. I’m on it. I’m a wife, mother, and a sunflower. All these components of life are me. Hence, EveryPartofAnna. 

What is EveryPartofAnna? What does it stand for? 

EveryPartofAnna is so much more than my blog, YouTube channel, and shop. EveryPartofAnna consist of all the ingredients that build me or allow me to grow endlessly. I am a woman who possess an urge to encourage women and speak loudly about the ways of the world. This makes EveryPartofAnna a movement. An uprising of women who know their worth and have found or are on journeys to find themselves. Look at it this way. Consider EveryPartofAnna like a garden, I already do. A garden can consist of diverse flowers that take different types of nourishment for them to grow.