October Update with Anna

I’m back and welcoming positive energy into this fall season. I know I have been ghost for a month but yess, I am back. I promise I will get back to blogging more. There are so many other “must do’s” that I have to get in the habit of. I made a list for myself:

  • Blog More 
  • Revamp YouTube Channel 
  • Promote More (Everything I have my name on) 
  • Post more mini-inspire clips on IG & Facebook 
  • Use my calendar more 
  • Stick to my calendar lol
  • Update Vision board 

Those are just a few of the hundred of things on my must do consistently list. I am always work even when I am working. What I mean by that is, I make sure that anytime I have is well used toward any goals I set for myself. I am so busy these days. I often feel like I need an assistant. Due to budgeting issues I am basically manage everything myself. 

Well that’s a little update on how I’ll be taking on this October. 

Stay tuned for all things Positive from me. 

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-Anna Williams 

P.S. It’s Fall. Have you noticed?


Has anyone else felt this beautiful weather that sings “Fall is Here”?

In South Florida we rarely get fall and winter weather. For some reason it been super windy and the skies have been beautiful. I will not complain one bit. I love this time of the year.


Here are a list of 3 things that remind you its Fall:

1. Pumpkin Everything


I am sure we all have seen the new commercials for Starbucks, McDonalds and even Dunkin Doughnuts. The now have pumpkin flavored latte’s, spice coffee, and even Pumpkin shakes. I am not the biggest fan of Pumpkin flavored drinks and food but I hear its delicious. Also, in your local Home Goods or Bath & Body works you’ll find scented candles. I do love the smell of pumpkin wall flowers and candles. I have the most pleasantly scented body cream with a cinnamon and pumpkin scent. Its super light but smells great.  (Candles, Wall Flowers, Scents, and Flavors for coffees/Tea)

2. New Color Schemes & Clothing  in Department Stores

I love shopping. Anytime of the year is great for shopping if you ask me. When Fall arrives this means  new cozy colors. No we have are essentials for the fall. Browns, Mustard Yellow, Olive, Forest Green, Orange, Denim(Dark Blue) and even Merlot(Dark Devilish Red). All the blazers and sweaters are back in style. Let us not forget the sales we can catch on boots and booties. I started purchasing scarves  this past week. They seem to be a great accent item to add to any outfit.

3. What do YOU do in the fall season?

In the fall, my family bakes. It’s not an everyday thing but the baking is happening. Whether it’s the weather keeping everyone inside or the kids just wanting to make hot cocoa. Families tend to be more “Together” during the fall and winter seasons. We patiently await that special day called Thanksgiving for an all you can eat feast.


Don’t forget to take my short 3-question survey on Fall. I will blog about the results later this week. Thanks in advance.

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