Wrapping Up 2016 with Anna

It seems like forever since I last posted. I am still here inspiring the world through positive vibes and doing good deeds. A wise man once said:

Service to others is the rent you pay for

your room here on earth.

Muhammad Ali


A brief description of my year can be simplified as trial and error. Quitting what most people would consider a “damn good job” to venture out in search of happiness elsewhere. Allowed me to launch my own online business “EveryPartofAnna Boutique”  with the support of my fellow Queens it has done well. I also opened my home based art club Creative Connections KAC for the community youth ages 2-10.

2016 was a year of soul searching. I have been perfecting my poetic gifts to share with the world. I have been blessed to meet and befriend so many talented Queens & Kings this year. My husband and I have mastered the art of budgeting lol.

I am currently 2 weeks away from my 1 year Big Chop Anniversary. Yayyyyyyyyy!!! 1 year fully natural no heat. Its been a beautiful hair journey.

This is just a snippet of my year.Nonetheless,  I am very thankful for all the blessings and lessons received. Many souls I have decided to leave behind and very little I am willing to take forward with me in my upcoming year. When I think of 2017:


My mission will always remain the same:

To inspire the world piece by peace. Positively. 

-Anna Williams the artist

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Special thanks to my husband Avery for being my rock and #1 fan no matter how many goals I set for myself, you are there to keep my plan to reach them in order. My aunt Tesheda, who motivates and captivates me in ways she will never know. All of the friends and family who have supported any of my endeavors. You are greatly appreciated.


Evolution of Self: There’s More!!


Hey Everyone,

I hope this month has been great to you all. Lets dig a little deeper into self  growth.

I have learned the best way to grow is trying new things. So let’s get New. New things can take place in your life, career, goals, hobbies, and anything you want to make flawless that consist of YOU.


Make it New!

Trying new things is a sure way to improve self growth. You can open your mind to new adventures and people. For instance, if you love shopping on the weekends during your downtime. Taking walks through the local mall strips that are along lakes and nature parks will help you to relax while shopping. This is a nice way for you to familiarize yourself with the environment and also learn new things about your community. A new hobby could be going on bike rides, picking a new activity to do every weekend. Learning a new language or eating at a new and different restaurant than you normally do is a easy. Trying new things like I stated before will help  you to have an open mind about many things in life.



Dear Future Me:

Have you ever thought about writing a letter to your future self. The letter could be set for you 2,5, or 10 years from now. It’s up to you. Writing a future letter to yourself will help you see your growth on where you are currently to where you aim to be. For me, I don’t ever want to let myself down. So writing a letter helps me to map out my journey to meeting any goals and following through. Try it and let me know how it works for you.





No Zones Allowed!

Getting out your comfort zone is a sure fire way to ensure self growth. Can you name a person who has done the same thing for years and never changed anything but they have grown? Growth comes with change and change happens when you get out of your comfort zone. Maybe you are shy. Try being the first to introduce yourself on a date night with new friends or in group events.  What you are not as confident as other.  You could try recording yourself in a video and post to your social media page and say two tears in a bucket! (LOL YOU KNOW THE REST).







I honestly feel as though you can never stop growing. We set the boundaries for yourselves and we can change them when necessary. I am an avid reader and love to expand my knowledge. I still do have a few comfort zones that I need to get out of. I am working on them this year though.


Don’t forget:

  • Try new things
  • Write a letter to your future self to monitor your growth
  • Get out of your comfort zone


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The Art of Forgiving


Hello 2016,

I hope everyone has entered the new year with open hearts, optimism, and new goals to reach.

 First and foremost, let us be thankful that we have made it into another year because not everyone from our 2015 made it with us.  I am pretty sure a few of you are like me when it comes to starting new opportunities,  new relationships, or even a new year. There are bags and suitcases I never want to take with me specifically in the new year. Bags and suitcases symbolize all the unhealthy and negative things that go on in our lives that we carry with us. These things, places, or people become a burden to us overtime. I have found that there is and “ART” that can help us to drop some of that baggage.  


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My Top 2 Reasons to Forgive:

To Be Set Free & Understanding You Matter Most 

Letting go does not mean that you just put hurt, pain, betrayal, or the wrongdoings of another to the side. It means that you should not hold grudges nor hold on to this negative energy that has a hold on you. Forgiving is something that occurs in everyone so differently. For you, it may be easy to forgive and move on. While for another person who has harbored the pain inside them and it has turned into anger. It may not be so easy to forgive. Once you pray and find yourself in a place where you want to be set free. You simply forgive. You forgive, for you, Not anyone else. You remove the weighs from your soul and the bullets from your heart. You feel happier knowing your spirit has been set free.

There is an old saying that you should forgive and never forget. I believe that if you forgive whole-heartedly, you’ll forget over time. Please don’t misunderstand my use of the statement “forget over time.” It simply means that you’ll forgive with all your heart. Next, comes liberation from that negativity, hurt, and pain. Over time, you must remember these pains and moments of hurt so that you equip yourself properly in life with new relationships with people whether family or friends. Ultimately, forgiving is something I have found to be a strength. The powers of forgiving will open the door for things we could not have imagined. Most certainly on a spiritual level.







The art of Forgiving is found within the heart, mind, and soul. You dig deep into this place of strength that not everyone knows they are capable of. There have been many moments where I was put to the test and forgiving was not even an option I wanted to consider. If there has every been any one who has wronged or hurt me in anyway shape or form. I have always forgiven because I have learned the art of it. If you are dealing with certain situations don’t be upset if you have not found it in your heart to forgive someone. This is why we have the power of prayer.




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I would like to wish everyone a great year this year. You can look forward to greater things from myself and my family. Thanks for all your support. Don’t forget to spread the word about my blog. You never know who needs this message.

-Anna (Love Ya Lotsss)

P.S. It’s Fall. Have you noticed?


Has anyone else felt this beautiful weather that sings “Fall is Here”?

In South Florida we rarely get fall and winter weather. For some reason it been super windy and the skies have been beautiful. I will not complain one bit. I love this time of the year.


Here are a list of 3 things that remind you its Fall:

1. Pumpkin Everything


I am sure we all have seen the new commercials for Starbucks, McDonalds and even Dunkin Doughnuts. The now have pumpkin flavored latte’s, spice coffee, and even Pumpkin shakes. I am not the biggest fan of Pumpkin flavored drinks and food but I hear its delicious. Also, in your local Home Goods or Bath & Body works you’ll find scented candles. I do love the smell of pumpkin wall flowers and candles. I have the most pleasantly scented body cream with a cinnamon and pumpkin scent. Its super light but smells great.  (Candles, Wall Flowers, Scents, and Flavors for coffees/Tea)

2. New Color Schemes & Clothing  in Department Stores

I love shopping. Anytime of the year is great for shopping if you ask me. When Fall arrives this means  new cozy colors. No we have are essentials for the fall. Browns, Mustard Yellow, Olive, Forest Green, Orange, Denim(Dark Blue) and even Merlot(Dark Devilish Red). All the blazers and sweaters are back in style. Let us not forget the sales we can catch on boots and booties. I started purchasing scarves  this past week. They seem to be a great accent item to add to any outfit.

3. What do YOU do in the fall season?

In the fall, my family bakes. It’s not an everyday thing but the baking is happening. Whether it’s the weather keeping everyone inside or the kids just wanting to make hot cocoa. Families tend to be more “Together” during the fall and winter seasons. We patiently await that special day called Thanksgiving for an all you can eat feast.


Don’t forget to take my short 3-question survey on Fall. I will blog about the results later this week. Thanks in advance.

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Pat Yourself on the Back


Have you ever felt like you don’t get the acknowledgment you deserve? Who are you looking to get that pat on the back from?

Over these past years I have progressed so much in many aspects of my life. I have found myself back in church. It was not by force but by a personal decision I made for my family. I think back on my life before my kids and I would say I am not that young girl anymore. Now a mother, I see life in a different light. Love is an action to me and not just words. Change is necessary so that I am never complacent. I don’t want to ever get comfortable with people and things in my life. Progression for me is a must.

With that being said! There were times when I was looking for someone to acknowledge my change and growth. So that I could be reassured it was worthwhile. Unfortunately, people will be so consumed with your past they will not even notice your progress. Acknowledge yourself. Acknowledge it all:

  • Your Growth
  • Your Attitude Adjustments
  • Reaching Your goals
  • Your Consistency with  new ventures, relationships, jobs, cars, and even your small achievements.
  • Your Budgeting
  • Your Passing an Exam in School
  • Your Parenting Skills etc.


Today and everyday! Give yourself three snaps, a reward, a night out, or even just tell yourself how proud you are of YOU. At the end of the day, YOU matter most.



“Mornings Matter”

Mornings Matter

I know I am not the only person who may sometimes wake up a little grumpy or not in the best mood. This “morning-moodiness” you can never truly explain. I mean, I had a great night and there wasn’t anything that pissed me off this morning or other mornings that I can recall. I have found out that Mornings Matter.
Our mornings are the beginning of our day. Maybe you’re getting the kids ready for school, getting organized for the workday, walking the dog, morning yoga, getting ready for class, or even running errands. The attempt at a positive morning can keep your day or even the rest of your week on a positive level. Smiling and telling your significant other good morning with a kiss can change your day. Thanking God for waking you and the family up in the morning surely helps us start our day off with sunshine. Reading positive and inspirational quotes or pictures can help take your mind to a positive place.

Personally, the uses of inspirational and positive readings like quotes or words from my favorite speakers or authors usually help me to maintain a good energy in the mornings. Starting off your mornings in a positive ways can help you deal with the stress from work and life. It pushes toward a positive outlook on anything negative that may come your way. Positive mornings give off the energy to overlook bad moments that may occur throughout your day. It allows you to look at those negative moments and say you know what “I won’t let that ruin my day.”

Try to start your mornings off on a positive note. Let that energy flow through your day and I guarantee by the time you make it home, your days compared to other hectic ones won’t seem so stressful. I myself would wake up some days with an attitude for no reason. I couldn’t begin to explain to you guys why I was upset or angry but it had a negative effect on my relationship. My husband probably thought plenty of mornings what did he do wrong. Honestly, he did everything right. He kept the positive energy throughout whatever it was I was dealing with. He starts our morning off with a kiss and a good morning. So bye-bye negative energy. My Mornings Matter!!!! (laughs out loud) Try it. Keep me posted on your progress you guys.