My Shameless | Self Love Journey-Update

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Hey Flowers, 

As you may have read on my other social media platforms, I have begun a shameless + self love journey. This was inspired by a video I watched by YouTuber Shameless Mya a few years ago and recently watched again. The question was asked “What would happen if I shamelessly promoted myself for 365 Days?” I wanted to tweak it based on my needs so I added a Self Love Journey as well. “What would happen if I love myself more and more everyday?” 

Self promotion and self love  are two equally important things to me. Promoting myself shamelessly opens the door for my message to get out to the world. It will introduce me to new people and share my passion and gifts with women around the world. Not thinking about how negative people, energies, and their opinions will deter me. Believing more in myself which leads me to self love. 

I could use a bit more confidence. I know in my soul I could love myself a lot more from the inside out. I have to embrace my imperfections and use them to my advantage. The world only gets one Anna. In this life, I strive to love myself unconditionally, fearlessly, and be full of confidence no matter where life takes me. 

I’ve always been insecure about my skin and my breasts and felt that after two kids they were not “sitting pretty” anymore. I made a consciousness decision this weekend to flaunt my breasts beside  my husband at AFROPUNK in Atlanta. I got so much love from my Sistas at this event. They do not know how much love they filled my soul with. I went to Afropunk in Atlanta one way and left an entire new being. Still evolving. Watch my update on my channel: 

Anna’s Shameless + Self Love Journey


Wrapping Up 2016 with Anna

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It seems like forever since I last posted. I am still here inspiring the world through positive vibes and doing good deeds. A wise man once said:

Service to others is the rent you pay for

your room here on earth.

Muhammad Ali


A brief description of my year can be simplified as trial and error. Quitting what most people would consider a “damn good job” to venture out in search of happiness elsewhere. Allowed me to launch my own online business “EveryPartofAnna Boutique”  with the support of my fellow Queens it has done well. I also opened my home based art club Creative Connections KAC for the community youth ages 2-10.

2016 was a year of soul searching. I have been perfecting my poetic gifts to share with the world. I have been blessed to meet and befriend so many talented Queens & Kings this year. My husband and I have mastered the art of budgeting lol.

I am currently 2 weeks away from my 1 year Big Chop Anniversary. Yayyyyyyyyy!!! 1 year fully natural no heat. Its been a beautiful hair journey.

This is just a snippet of my year.Nonetheless,  I am very thankful for all the blessings and lessons received. Many souls I have decided to leave behind and very little I am willing to take forward with me in my upcoming year. When I think of 2017:


My mission will always remain the same:

To inspire the world piece by peace. Positively. 

-Anna Williams the artist

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Special thanks to my husband Avery for being my rock and #1 fan no matter how many goals I set for myself, you are there to keep my plan to reach them in order. My aunt Tesheda, who motivates and captivates me in ways she will never know. All of the friends and family who have supported any of my endeavors. You are greatly appreciated.


“Mornings Matter”

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Mornings Matter

I know I am not the only person who may sometimes wake up a little grumpy or not in the best mood. This “morning-moodiness” you can never truly explain. I mean, I had a great night and there wasn’t anything that pissed me off this morning or other mornings that I can recall. I have found out that Mornings Matter.
Our mornings are the beginning of our day. Maybe you’re getting the kids ready for school, getting organized for the workday, walking the dog, morning yoga, getting ready for class, or even running errands. The attempt at a positive morning can keep your day or even the rest of your week on a positive level. Smiling and telling your significant other good morning with a kiss can change your day. Thanking God for waking you and the family up in the morning surely helps us start our day off with sunshine. Reading positive and inspirational quotes or pictures can help take your mind to a positive place.

Personally, the uses of inspirational and positive readings like quotes or words from my favorite speakers or authors usually help me to maintain a good energy in the mornings. Starting off your mornings in a positive ways can help you deal with the stress from work and life. It pushes toward a positive outlook on anything negative that may come your way. Positive mornings give off the energy to overlook bad moments that may occur throughout your day. It allows you to look at those negative moments and say you know what “I won’t let that ruin my day.”

Try to start your mornings off on a positive note. Let that energy flow through your day and I guarantee by the time you make it home, your days compared to other hectic ones won’t seem so stressful. I myself would wake up some days with an attitude for no reason. I couldn’t begin to explain to you guys why I was upset or angry but it had a negative effect on my relationship. My husband probably thought plenty of mornings what did he do wrong. Honestly, he did everything right. He kept the positive energy throughout whatever it was I was dealing with. He starts our morning off with a kiss and a good morning. So bye-bye negative energy. My Mornings Matter!!!! (laughs out loud) Try it. Keep me posted on your progress you guys.